Linkinpact is an international social network of professionals and passionate participants which involves people into interaction about topics that are aimed at helping developing societies with innovative and sustainable ideas and solutions.

What we do

The participants in Linkinpact contribute for projects of development organizations on voluntary basis. The essence of Linkinpact’s involvement in the development projects is in the organization’s aim to operate through close and direct interaction with the developing society and to support them through creating sustainable solutions.

Linkinpact is your link with sustainable impact. The organization brings giver and receiver in contact. This close link between giver, Linkinpact, and receiver gives the opportunity to the participants in Linkinpact to see the actual results of their contribution to the developing societies.

How we operate

When starting a new project, Linkinpact sets an agreement with an organization which is already working locally on a developmental project. The ally organization enables Linkinpact’s activities to be more personal by being closely involved locally. The nature of the agreements varies depending on the nature of the project and where the project is located and lasts for a period of time (about 2-3 years). Primarily, Linkinpact aims to:

  • create sustainable solutions to problems encountered by the local societies or the organizations that support them
  • develop ideas and advice for sustainable development of the local societies and the organizations that work to support and help them

In addition, the agreement between Linkinpact and the local organization specifies that Linkinpact will fund the organization for the period of the agreement with a certain amount of funds per year.

All of this is achieved by Linkinpact’s effort to bring people with various backgrounds of expertise and knowledge together in an interaction about the challenges local societies encounter and possible resolutions of those challenges.

Volunteers in Linkinpact

The people behind Linkinpact are driven by their passion for helping others and work fully on a voluntary basis. Therefore, 100% of the contributions are donated to the people who need the support.

The participants in Linkinpact are encouraged by the opportunity for personal involvement. Here you can find more information about our team.

Are you interested to find out how you can participate? Let us know.


Core values

Linkinpact is a network of young entrepreneurial professionals coming from different sectors. Not only do they provide financial support, but the Linkinpact’s participants also help further by providing knowledge transfer and sustainable contribution.
We are passionate about working directly with the society in need and the organizations which work locally to help those societies. Linkinpact brings you in direct connection with the local staff of the projects and the societies they work with. Linkinpact’s participants and staff can therefore interact with each other and learn from each other.
Linkinpact sets a project agreement with an organization working closely with a developing society. With this agreement Linkinpact guarantees commitment, knowledge contribution, and financial support for at least three years. This provides security for the project, the organizations, and the society in need.
Linkinpact is a network of volunteers. Therefore, 100% of the financial contributions go directly for the project.

Linkinpact team

Communication Officer

For me Linkinpact is an inspiring opportunity to get involved in projects that matter on a higher personal and intellectual level.

Contact Boryana: boryana@linkinpact.nl

Founder Linkinpact

Through Linkinpact we create an opportunity to bring development work to a interactive and personal level.

Contact Bram: bram@linkinpact.nl

Co-founder Linkinpact

Linkinpact for me: Help through financial support and creating impact through knowledge transfer closely connected to the projects and the problems the societies are encountering.

Contact Gerrit: gerrit@linkinpact.nl

Office Manager

I want to change the world and help others to have the same opportunities in life as I have.

Contact Polina: polina@linkinpact.nl

Communication Officer

I want to contribute to making the contact between giver and receiver closer.

Contact Arnoud: arnoud@linkinpact.nl

Jan door Koos BreukelJan
Portrait Photographer

The method of Linkinpact really appeals to me. I am happy to help with the communication and with conveying the identity of Linkinpact! (Read my blog)

Contact Jan: info@janvandoornik.nl


Recruitment Officer

You here?

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Digital Art and Promotion Materials

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Social Media Officer

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Office Management Assistant

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Linkinpact – Tear

Project in Peru
Project Period: 3 years, completed in 2012
Participants: 6 people
Support: > € 10,000
Contact: info@linkinpact.nl
Social media channels: Facebook

Linkinpact – HoverAid

Project in Madagascar
Project Period: 3 years, current
Participants: 4 people
Support: > € 5000
Contact: info@linkinpact.nl
Social media channels: Facebook, Youtube